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Why Choose Timber Doors And Windows?

When it comes to the matter of perfect furnished home, we all choose several materials for making windows and doors. Commonly, people like to have wooden doors and windows. The role of wood in our life is undeniable and woods are considered one of the hardest materials ever. However, when you go to an architect to build your house, he will definitely prefer timbers (i.e. a kind of wood – which being light in weight – lasts long.) Perhaps you are thinking that why choose timber doors and windows? Here are some reasons.

It will last for a long time:

It has been proved by a survey that many quality windows and door makers use timber for providing their buyers a long lasting effect. Timbers are too strong to bear any type of hit easily. Some quality timber made products will last for long sixty years. When you buy a timber window and door, you will be given 30 years of rot and fungal protection, at least 10 years of ironmongery warranty, paint finish warranty and glazing failure warranty. So, you can stay stress free after buying architectural timber windows.

Eco-friendly benefits:

With the rising pollution and global warming, the world has become the warmest one. Wood is basically an eco-friendly product. So, undoubtedly timber is also an eco-friendly one. Using timber means having carbon neutral products that are naturally renewable. So, you can be assured of getting wooden windows and doors made of timber which also comes from a responsibly managed source. Being carbon neutral these timbers can easily absorb CO2 from air. This is how timber becomes eco-friendly.

Experience high efficiency in timber:

Timber is hard, recyclable and a natural insulator. This is why it can serve for your home very well. If you need to make a stylish timber window or furniture then it can fulfil your wish. Besides, it does need high maintenance. Besides, if you use timber windows and doors, then it will add an extra worth of your home which will pay you a lot during selling the house. On the other hand, timber windows and doors will save energy a lot.