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Is Artificial Turf Installation Worth It?

If you have enough time and resources to maintain your lawn, then go ahead. But let’s face it, for most of us it’s a dreadful task. Not simply because it’s tiring but also because with our responsibilities and busy lifestyle, it simple because impossible. What happens then? Your garden look like a mess which is horrible because you house is outlook of your personality and nobody wants to be considered a mess.

The solution to this problem is artificial grass installation. It’s a one-time investment that can go a long way. If installed properly, synthetic turf can last for more than a decade. It does not even require that much of maintenance; simply get it installed and stop worrying. No matter season it is and what weather it brings, your lawn will always look fresh and green.

This, however, requires an initial investment which can be costly to some people. The exact artificial grass installation cost vary from country to country, region to region but it’s safe to say that it can be expensive upfront. So is it worth it then? The answer is yes. In the long run, artificial grass can provide much value than the natural grass. Although it’s costly at first but it’s just one time investment. Natural grass takes a lot of money to maintain regularly. It also drains you of your energy and natural resources like water.

One of the major reason artificial grass installation can be preferred is water conservation. Water is one of the most valuable resources of nature and it’s getting more and more valuable as the world is facing the epidemic of water shortage. It is also costly. A normal household can spend as much as 60 percent of its irrigation water on just the maintenance of the lawn. It has been estimated that just a square foot of artificial grass can save as much as 200 liters of water.

If you’re concerned that the artificial grass might not look like the real one then don’t. Gone are the days when you could easily spot the different appearance of artificial grass. Modern artificial grass installation methods can make it look like as if it’s the real thing. It becomes almost impossible to tell the difference in hindsight. Synthetic grass is also UV stabilized so that the color does not fade over some period of time. It is also great in terms of protection against diseases and infections as, unlike natural grass, artificial grass does not carry bacteria and dangerous insects and looks fresh all year long.

In short, if you have the luxury of putting in effort and cost almost regularly, then go ahead and put on natural grass. But if you want to save time, effort and cost, then an investment in artificial grass in Parramatta installation would be the perfect choice.