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Have To Restump? Mistakes You Might Be Doing

What are the biggest mistakes you might be doing when it comes to restumping your home?

Never renovate before house restumping in Melbourne – this a mistake that many people make. Understand that any renovations that you might make without factoring the need for restumping, relevelling or raising your home can basically send all your money you put into renovations down the drain. Whether it is painting your home, tiling it, adding new rooms or patios, etc. – whatever upgrade you plan for, first assess the conditions of the stumps.

Do a background check on the contractor – restumping is a serious job, and if not done properly, you will be wasting a lot of money, and will have to spend even more money in the near future once again. Therefore, it is very important that you find a qualified and responsible contractor to be in charge of restumping your home. Make sure to read reviews of his previous jobs on other homes, find what qualifications he has – and beyond anything, find whether the employer keeps an eye on his employees or sub-contractors if he hires any.

Ask what the restumping costs entail – following the inspection, the contractor will give you a specific quota for the repair work. Ask exactly what the repair work entails – does it entail the price of the new stumps? Does it cover the repair work on the home too (i.e. fixing cracks, etc.)? It is always important to communicate properly what you need; otherwise, you might be expecting work that the contractor might not be doing.

Look into insurance – it is quite easy to get injured while doing restumping work, which is why you need to pay special attention to insurance when it comes to this kind of work. Find out whether the contractor has insurance for his work – and what exactly his insurance includes. This means making sure that his workers are also insured under his scheme – or in the worst of cases, you might have to pay for any injuries caused!

Do not assume only wooden stumps need restumping – and to conclude, it is common to hear that only timber stumps need to be maintained. The truth is that timber stumps usually need maintenance more often than other kinds of foundations – it is not that the other types are not affected. If you have a concrete foundation, or even one with steel stumps, you might need to restump nonetheless. Concrete slabs can crack, and steel can rust: both situations can be as problematic as decaying timber stumps. Accordingly, renovations on any house will need to first factor in the need for restumping.