Common Hot Water Heater Problems To Be Aware Of

Being an inhabitant of a cold weather area, don’t you feel miserable while thinking about to take bath? To solve your problem, advanced technology has invented water heaters long ago. Now, almost everyone has heater in his or her house. Water heater reduces the problem of getting hot water for bath. However, many people use it for several purposes. But if you are running a heater for a long time without doing a servicing, then it may be quite dangerous. Here are given some common hot water heater problems to be aware of.

  • During checking up the heater, what you need to look first is its thermostat. If you find that water is not heating properly, then surely there are some problems in the thermostat. It has been noticed that people are complaining about of not getting enough hot water, which is the result of the failure of thermostat. In the heater there are two thermostats which help to heat water. If the heater has not been serviced timely by a professional plumber from Highett, then such problem can occur.
  • If you find water has become too hot, then there is some problem. This problem also may occur from that same place which is thermostat. If the temperature pressure valve does not work due to leakage, then it happens. This temperature pressure valve sets free excessive pressure from steam build up. But if this valve has breakage, then the heater fails to work properly. This is such a serious problem and you need to call an electrician or an emergency plumber as soon as possible.
  • Another problem can be that water is heating and you are getting the desirable heat, but it takes too much time. In that case, you need to drain and clean the tank, because minerals of water may leave a layer inside the tank wall. For this reason, your water heater can fail to heat the water proficiently. If the problem still remains even after draining the water, then you need to inform the plumber.
  • Apart from this there can be some problems in thermocouple. Change them and you will see the light again.
  • If you are hearing sounds (e.g. gurgles or bangs) then it is time to take it to an expert.

Writen by Ruy Naranjo